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The Minds of Others

writer | producer | director



Through the intertwining of animation and interviews, 'The Minds of Others' brings to life the moving experiences of six unique individuals, each diagnosed with a different mental health disorder.


Amongst the stories of confusion, and hope, professionals battle to answer some of our long-standing questions about the very nature of mental illness. With all the debates and discussions that so often occur, are we focusing enough on the individuals themselves?


The Minds of Others was a project we embarked on after years of struggling with my own mental health condition. My aim was to create the most informative, blunt, educational, and interesting documentary on the subject of mental illness. There are dozens of documentaries, from features to television one off's, that cover this subject and yet growing up, I never felt I had learnt much more than I already knew from my own experiences. 'Preaching to the choir' came to mind.


The only agenda I had, when I began directing The minds of Others, was for to be the film I always wished I had seen in the early days of my diagnosis.

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Criminal Audition Film Poster





Criminal Audition follows an ex-lawyer and his team who run an underworld service, seeking the most desperate (and greedy) to become fake criminals, taking the fall for the crimes of the rich and powerful, in a process known as CRIMINAL AUDITION.


In an undisclosed location, over one night they will put three individuals through hell to find the perfect candidate, but their world is turned upside down when they face lies, deceit, murder, and a very dangerous new client as they audition for their biggest job yet…


After a successful stage run, Luke Kaile and Samuel Gridley worked tirelessly on bringing the story of Criminal Audition to the screen. Eventually, Nathaniel Francis and I, both of Mordue Pictures,  were invited to come aboard in a producer capacity. We took on the opportunity and completed the film. It has been screened as an official selection at the famous FrightFest's 20th Anniversary year, it was met with a warm reception and strong reviews from audiences and critics alike.


It is now available to buy on Blu Ray & Digital across several countries including North America & Canada. It is also available for digital download on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Sky Store across the UK.

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criminal audition frightfest 2019



the reaper short film poster featuring Dana Smit


writer | producer | director



What would you say if you could have a conversation with Death?


Disturbed late at night by a strange noise, Josh awakens to find that he is the victim of a home invasion. In a desperate attempt to defend his home, Josh is attacked by the intruders and left for dead.


Following a haunting out-of-body experience, Josh is greeted by a mysterious woman who claims to be The Grim Reaper. Thus begins a conversation about our understanding of life itself.


Shot over the course of two Saturdays in a very cold February, The Reaper was brought to life by the tireless efforts of the cast and crew. I wanted to keep this story simple, inspired by the old tales of folklore; a story of a mans discussion with death itself in his final moments. A story of love, humanity, monsters, and perception.

The film was screened on numerous occasions in several locations around the world. Walking away with two awards, one being the 'Peoples Choice Award' at the Global Short Film Awards in New York City.

behind the scenes of the reaper production



add me short film poster


writer | director



David and Claudia's marriage has ended. As they sit down to discuss it, the pair reflect and reminisce on their younger selves and the decisions they have made. 

With memories of heartbreak and love still fresh in their minds, saying goodbye was never going to be easy.


In 2015, Colchester Film Festival released a 72 Hour Challenge. The rules were simple - On the friday, they would e-mail out all willing participants a line of dialogue, a title, and an action. We then had 72 hours to incorporate these 3 tasks into a script, to then shoot, edit, mix, colour, and score, ready to submit by early Monday morning. 

Add Me was our contribution and out of the 1000's that applied, we were submitted into the top 15 and screened as part of the festival. 

behind the scenes of add me production



Fallen Angels short film poster featuring luke mordue


writer | producer | director



After a night out on Halloween, four young friends decide to play a practical joke on a girl as she walks home.


The prank goes wrong, leaving the friends with a terrible choice; confess and face the consequences, or hide the body and carry on with their lives. They decide on the latter, but one by one, they soon begin to crack. Lost in mind games and delusions, their sanity is pushed to the limit. As their worlds begin to close in on them, so do the police.


Fallen Angels was an extremely over-ambitious start to my career in film, part-funded by Sir Ian McKellen who had been impressed with the work I was creating in my living room with friends during my teenage years. I had half my budget stolen from me the week before the shoot by a corrupt company, so we had no budget for sound equipment and it resulted in terrible quality sound to go alongside our already overcomplicated shoot.

Even so, the film was welcomed with warm reviews and opened up avenues to work with some incredible people in my future, not to mention the beginning of our production company, Mordue Pictures. The film has now been archived and is no longer available to purchase or view but the trailer remains below if you wish to see more.

behind the scenes of Fallen Angels production



urban legends short series poster


writer | producer | director


Whether it's homicides or hauntings, monsters or madmen, we all know the tales of woe that happened to a friend of a friend.


This dark anthology retells a series of sinister stories that have been famously told around the world with all of us having once, or still believing in Urban Legends.


Urban Legends was an idea thought up during pre-production of our feature productions. Knowing we would not be creating any content to share for some time, we decided to gather friends of Mordue Pictures and reenact 7 famous Urban Legends with mixed results. 

The series has been shown online and in cinemas across the world and was the inspiration for the new podcast series available on the menu above. 

behind the scenes of urban legends production featuring luke mordue



charlie short horror film poster


writer | producer | director



After ignoring a threatening chain letter believing it to be a hoax, Dan finds himself being stalked and taunted by an evil presence the following night.


Alone in his flat with all exits blocked, a sinister night unfolds as a terrified Dan realises that Charlie is coming...


Charlie was a short horror film shot with the help of friends and family. Originally not intended to be a Mordue Pictures production, the film was a test shoot of pace and the horror of suspense, focusing far more on the creepy atmosphere over the story.

It was only once the film had begun to pick up traction we decided to release it as an official short film, where it went on to be listed as one of Buzzfeeds scariest films to view online, now picking up over 1.8 million views worldwide. 

behind the scenes of charlie production featuring luke morue



monsters in the dark short horror film poster


writer | producer | director



One day, a boy and a girl went into the woods to spend some time alone together. Little did they know that they were being watched by Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear, a villainous masked couple who want nothing but trouble.


Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear spend the night inflicting unimaginable levels of terror on the poor boy and girl, who never realised that this was the day the teddy bears had their picnic...


After the success and enjoyment that came from making 'Charlie', I decided, for better or for worse, to go for it again; this time heading down the route of a tongue in cheek slasher that I had grown up on. 


After spending time working in a certain build your own teddy bear shop, I decided to play on the innocence of their cuddly faces. This resulted in a film that was shown at festival screenings all around the world, garnering a warm reception from those that reviewed it amongst the horror community.

behind the scenes of monsters in the dark short horror film production



monsters in the dark 2 short horror film poster


writer | producer | director



A year has passed since the fateful teddy bears' picnic. Three friends are plunged into a never-ending nightmare after a party in a secluded country house. Taunted by the mysterious masked individuals, they soon realise that they will have to fight to stay alive.


A bloodthirsty night begins when the uninvited guests have their own unique celebration at this murderous masquerade ball.


Continuing the notion of a tongue in cheek slasher film and after several requests to continue the story. I created my first ever sequel, with no real goal other than to put it out on Halloween for a bit of fun. A film made for our audience base that we had accumilated thanks to the success of 'Charlie'. Unfortunately, the script proved too ambitious for such a small budget and I had to rewrite the ending at 4 am, on set, racing the sun.

The film went on to be shown across the world at several horror festivals.

behind the scenes of monsters in the dark 2 short horror film production featuring luke mordue



smile short mental health documentary film poster

SMILE: A Documentary About The Perception of Mental Illness

writer | producer | director



Shining a light on mental illness in an accessible style, 'Smile' works towards the eradication of the ignorance and stigma that still surrounds mental health problems around the world. We hope that one day, mental well-being will be valued, and those who do suffer from mental illnesses will be treated with compassion and understanding.


It's time we all realised that depression and anxiety will not go away with a simple smile.


Originally intended to be a companion piece for the fundraising aspect of a feature film on the subject of mental illness we were working on back in 2014. Smile is a simple, low key short film that has, thankfully, resonated with a wide audience. 


In 2014 it was the winner of the 'Audience Choice Award' at the Mind Rights Film Festival in Portugal, voted for by key workers from around the world in the mental health community.

Behind the Scenes of mental health short documentary smile featuring Jo Knight