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Only the names have changed is a new book, telling true short stories told by real people all around the world from all walks of life. On this page is a form for you to anonymously share your story with me to potentially be featured in the book. You may change the names of those involved yourself or wait for me to do it but know I will be changing the names of all involved in the book anyway to ensure nothing is the same. I will not be changing anything else about your story apart from potential grammar or spelling errors.


It doesn’t matter if the story you share is a dark moment from your life, a funny event, an exciting adventure or a simple rainy Sunday; If its something you feel you’d want to share then send it my way. There is no way I will know who has sent me what story so please do not hold back and please do not lie, this will only be worthwhile if each story is true, no matter how mundane or crazy. There are no rules on what you can write about, or how long it takes you to tell your story, although please do attempt to hit at least 2000 words. 

This project will take a couple of years to complete but when it is done, I hope to emphasise just how similar and just how different we all are.

Only the Names Have Changed is intended to help break the stigma and prejudice that comes from various individuals all around the world, to celebrate our differences and realise our similarities, to prove that although our cultures and lives may be completely different, the human race is all very much the same.


When prompted for your e-mail address on the contact form below, please use  instead of your own to continue your anonymity. 


Thankyou for sharing.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your stories.

By sending me your story you understand that you are giving me permission to share your story and your story only to the general public. Your identity will not be compromised in the narrative of the book. It must also be said that if by the strange coincidence you give me a fake name and I change the name once again only for it to be your real name, this was coincidental and does not breach this agreement as there is no possible way I could know.

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