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Dear Listeners,
I’m glad to hear how many of you are enjoying the content we create as we delve into the mysterious and often elusive world of folklore. I adore the work that I do, and I want to share it with the world, this is why it is free of charge. However, a lot of time, effort, and hard work goes into the creation of each chapter as I research, write, record, and edit each one with intense scrutiny, ensuring the information we share is accurate. 
I plan to continue digging up the facts that surround modern folklore, but I simply do not have the resources to do it alone, this is why there is usually a significant gap between seasons - and if you’re ready to help shorten that gap, then listen closely. 
Through Patreon, you can pay as little as £3.00 a month to support the show and ensure its longevity. As a Patreon supporter, you’ll receive each chapter the Friday before the official release each week, giving you early access. On top of this, there will be no ads, as you’ll have access to a private RSS feed kept hidden from the general public. You’ll also receive a discount code for any future merchandise, and private behind-the-scenes looks into our progress. To show our gratitude to those that have joined us, I will ensure to personally thank each of you at the end of every chapter. 
The minimum cost is £3.00 a month to subscribe, however, we’re running by an honour system, giving you the chance to pay more if you wish and are able to do so. You can find out more and join the team by following the Patreon button below and clicking ‘join’.
So, come with us, and let's unearth the mysteries of folklore together. 
And now… back to the legend…


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