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Luke Mordue examines the historical impact of the stories that haunt our society, tales that have gripped towns and cities worldwide for centuries as true events - Urban Legends.

First, hear the tales retold as short stories before delving into the history of the legend, dissecting its cultural significance, factuality, and origins. 

Released Fortnightly alongside a mini-series that delves into shorter legends under the title of 'Modern Myths'. 


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I really hope that you’re enjoying the content I create as I delve into the mysteries of modern folklore, and I feel so lucky that I can do so for such an enthusiastic and ever-growing audience - your support means so much to me. If you’re enjoying this episode and find yourself wanting more, then you can show your appreciation by leaving a tip.


I create this work for free, and my agenda was never to turn this into a career, although, with that said - a lot of time, effort, and hard work goes into the creation of each chapter and so if you find yourself so inclined to do you - you can simply click on the link in our show notes.


How big of a tip you leave - or if you leave a tip at all is completely up to you but know that every tip I receive is extremely appreciated and helps further along our work, ensuring that you receive more content at a more frequent pace.


Either way, thanks for listening.


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