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drama | thriller


Twelve months have passed. The concrete streets are crumbling, the empty homes sit in ruins as nature reclaims its land. Human kind has gone; yet, alone, in the abandoned city of London, one survivor remains. 


With treacherous storms thundering in the skies above and domesticated dogs turned wild beasts hunting her every move, Eden, embarks on a journey to her home at the southern coast where time as we know it ceases to exist. Whilst reflecting on the last days of her previous life, she will have to face mortality in more ways than one.


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social science


After a night that led dangerously close to suicide, filmmaker Luke Mordue began to embark on several film projects in the field of mental health, most notably the feature documentary 'Mad World'. During the research of these productions, he stumbled across an alarming amount of misinformation, misdirection, and misunderstanding from the self-help industry that so many turn to. 


Luke takes the reader on a tour of the human mind, from the deep-rooted science in our modern understanding of how the brain works to the social-economical standpoints we all arrive at in our lives. Written in Laymen's terms and with a dash of humour to break down the over-complicated contradictions in regards to mental health, we will experience some clarity on our smiles.


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biography | anthology



Only the names have changed tells true short stories of real people all around the world from all walks of life, anonymously shared with compiler Luke Mordue. All of the stories will be true accounts of a specific point in the writer's life just how they played out. Only the names have changed.